OPEN POSITION: Project Manager, New York

OPEN POSITION: Project Manager, New York

Department: Management

Job Status: Full time

Job Type: Regular

FLSA Status: Exempt

Reports to: SVP, Principle, Design Director

Positions Supervised: Senior Designer, Project Designer

Amount of Travel Required: 25-30%



Manage all phases of interior design projects, including project set-up, design and construction administration for large scale, luxury projects including hotels, casinos, restaurants and private residences. Directs planning, organizing and monitoring of project activities to insure that services are consistent with client program and firm standards. Ensures services are delivered to the client within the fee project budget and schedule.



  • Confer with Principal in Charge, Design Director, design team, FF&E, or client to discuss project specifications or procedures.
  • Prepare budgets, project specifications and cost estimates
  • Develops and maintains a positive relationship and channels of communication with client, and appropriate staff
  • Initiates and maintains overall staff utilization/ work plan through the course of the project.
  • Prepares project status report and reviews with the appropriate personnel.
  • Assist in contract preparation and negotiation.
  • Prepares project work plans, allocates fees/hours by phase/task/person and monitors semi-monthly
  • Develops billing and coordinates with financial staff
  • Recommend changes/modifications to project delivery system
  • Establishes supplemental service request
  • Provide project team coordination for project deliverables
  • Strong leadership, organization, communication and relationship management skills
  • Develops project goals in conjunction with other team members
  • Initiates and coordinates team meetings, design, review, etc
  • Ensures project delivery within project criteria and office standards
  • Establishes project directory and a list of contact persons
  • Initiates client meetings
  • Revise staff hour/fee budget



  • Accountability – Accountability looks at the extent to which an individual is willing to accept responsibility.  This competency asks the question “How do you look at responsibility for your work?”
  • Attitude – Is a cooperative member of the team.  Possess a positive, helpful attitude.  Does the employee respond to emergency request for assistance?
  • Ethical – Ability to demonstrate conduct conforming to a set of values and accepted standards.
  • Active Listening – Active Listening looks at the extent to which an individual actively attends to, conveys, and understands the comments and questions of others.  This competency asks the question “How well do you really hear and understand what others are saying?”
  • Judgment – The skill of judgment looks at the ability of the individual to form sound opinions or make decisions by evaluating available information.  This competency asks the question “How do you make decisions?”
  • Time Management – Time management skills looks at the ability of the individual to effectively utilize available time for the completion of necessary job tasks.  This competency asks the question “How efficient and productive are you in the utilization of available working time?”
  • Communication – Communication is the ability to convey info, written and oral in a clear and concise manner.  Does employee use active listening skills with an interest to understand others?
  • Business Acumen – Ability to grasp and understand business concepts and issues including Business Development and Revenue Management (PNL & AR) at the project level.



Education: Bachelor’s Degree (four year college or technical school)

Experience: 5 plus years of experience in managing projects



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