#GIRLBOSS: Lessons in Leadership

#GIRLBOSS: Lessons in Leadership

Today is International Women’s Day, and it is a privilege to say I am part of a company and industry that believe in the value of women: their talent, intelligence and ability to lead. In all candor, the past decade has been hard. Wilson Associates has been in a constant state of change…hard change…change that hurts. How did we survive? How did we emerge gracefully with a new path forward? The answer: women.


These women courageously stepped into leadership roles that require their whole soul. They are fair. They are fearless. They arrive early. They stay late. They push. They listen. They live and work with passion. These are the women of Wilson Associates. So grab a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or whatever your poison, and reflect on the lessons they’ve learned about being a #GIRLBOSS along the way…



Susan3 2

“Keep your integrity, walk your talk, and treat everyone with respect regardless of who they are. Know everyone is unique. See his/her talent and nurture it; see his/her weaknesses and navigate through them. Keep your heart open and listen to subtleties. They are a map into our collective humanity.”

Susan Isaac, Principal



IsabelPintado-loungelrg 2

“Undertake first what might hold your team up. They need to feel they are your first priority, and as a result, they will feel supported and continue to be motivated. Never underestimate praise. We all need it, and too much is never too much. Employ people you admire and who you can learn from. Listen to all parties and don’t come to conclusions about situations based on hearsay or only one point of view. Try never to lose your temper or complain; it will undo any respect you have gained from your team. No task is below you. Dive in and help when needed to show you are part of the team and not an isolated unit.”

Isabel Pintado, SVP & Managing Director, Middle East & Africa




“What you do/show is much more important than what you say. As a good leader, you should be the most well-prepared, hardworking, respectful individual on the team who is always more than willing to help. When people see you really put your hands on it, they will give you respect, trust, follow your good example and make everything succeed.”

Mildred Bermudez, Design Director, FF&E




Do not allow yourself to grow an ego where you cannot get in there and get your hands dirty. It takes all hands on deck to get the job done, no matter what your position is. Perseverance: be steadfast, be tenacious, and soldier on despite all obstacles.”

Julia Choi, Project Director
New York



monika 2

“Back in 1999, Four Seasons Founder Isadore Sharp introduced us [Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris Management team] to Steven Covey’s book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” This book was an eye opener for me. Every single habit is my leitmotiv, and I have been teaching these habits to my past teams and to students in hotel schools.

I have worked for different General Managers, and I have learned from these experiences that you should always work for somebody who is ethical and who respects and trusts you. If this is not the case, run. Be the change you want to see and take initiative of your life, nothing is more important than staying true to your values.”

Monika Moser, Managing Director, Atelier Tristan Auer



Sarah-K-horizontal 2

“Remember, what creates the engine of success is people. Nourish your employees to let their talent shine.  Lift up your employees – put them first!”

Sarah Kinard, VP, Global Marketing & Strategy



sandra 2

“Each member in a team brings their own skill sets. No one really overlaps with each other, but they complement each other. It is really our role to listen to their suggestions/ideas and encourage discourse and discussion, so they feel they are a vital cog in the team, and that their opinions/contributions count. From these open discussions, we learn each other’s strengths and nurture them accordingly. This active listening fosters team spirit, encourages discussions and brings confidence and independence.”

Sandra de Souza, Art Director



may 2

“In the face of changing business trends and the dynamics of company structures, leadership is all about human interaction. Fostering a collaborative spirit in the team is key. No matter how efficient and technologically advanced we get, the human factor still forms the foundation.”

May Landau, Design Director
New York

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  • Cheryl Neumann says:

    I loved reading everyone’s perspective about how they approach their role in leadership. i am proud of everyone and glad to be a part of Wilson at this time in its history!

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