Aldwin Ong


I’m a misunderstood genius. What’s misunderstood? Nobody thinks I’m a genius.”

– Bill Waterson

Aldwin is a disciplined designer whose life is led by passion. A trained architect, he believes in creativity as both an art and a science; form must follow function. One can see his strong, sharply tailored design aesthetic in the New World Beijing Hotel, Lotte Hotel Seoul and Sofitel Nusa Dua. To channel his creative energy, Aldwin spends his free time away from the drawing board, exploring culinary theories and gastronomic creations in his true workshop…the kitchen. He is a purist who aspires to capture life’s true beauty through photography. A wanderlust and an eternal student, Aldwin’s motivation to know more, see more, taste more and create more is daily propelling the design industry to new heights.



Languages Spoken

English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese and Tagalog

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Aldwin Ong mail@2x