Joseph “Joey” Cruz


“The most compelling design is one with a captivating story to tell. My role is that of a master storyteller.”

Joey lives for collaboration. He encourages his clients to be vocal with their design thoughts, so he can articulate them in a bespoke setting. He has a curated list of repeat clients across the globe who enjoy and respect his approachable demeanor and modern aesthetic. His couturier designs are clean and tailored with subtle flare. Before joining Wilson Associates’ Singapore office, Joey spent a decade in Las Vegas and put his design fingerprint on almost every casino, hotel and commercial space on The Strip. Joey is currently examining the source of happiness: what humans need (and don’t need) to be happy. This study has given him great insight into the core components of the physical environment, helping him create spaces that impart the perfect guest experience.



Languages Spoken

English, French, Mandarin, Tagalog and Spanish

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Joseph Cruz mail@2x