Mildred Bermudez-Yumul


“If you have doubts about a pattern, don’t use it. Instincts are usually right.” – Sam Brine

Mildred is inspired by beautiful objects, and with over 20 years of luxury hospitality experience, is extremely knowledgeable about the sourcing of materials and resources from around the world. “Milly” enjoys researching every material and finding the best solutions for her projects. She and her team ensure that the selections for interior furniture, fixtures and finishes are of the highest quality and consistent with the brand requirements and design direction of the project. Milly is well respected within the hospitality industry and has traveled the world selecting and designing furniture for Wilson Associates’ most iconic projects, including the Westin Xiamen, Grand Hyatt Shenzhen, Shangri-La Hotel in Bangalore, India, and the Hilton Berlin. Milly has a passion for handcrafts and beautiful fabrics, and she has channeled her creative energy into launching her own label of fashion and home accessories.



Languages Spoken

English, Tagalog, and basic Spanish