Ong Art


“In every space lies its own beauty.”

A passionate architect, Ong-Art’s legacy in architecture design is visible in hotels, spas, resorts and residences throughout Southeast Asia and China. Formerly head of design for Blink’s Bangkok studio, Ong-Art brings his precision and creativity to Wilson Associates where he is leading the new Bangkok studio, focusing on architecture design, specifically for resort projects. Ong-Art is driven as a mentor to young architects, and is most inspired when he steps inside the completed building he designed.

As Design Director, Architecture, Ong-Art conceptualizes the overall design direction of the project, interpreting the owner’s requirements to create a holistic, integrated and timeless design that reflects the client’s vision and the operator’s brand standards. He derives design inspiration from the target demographic as well as the project’s location, history, culture, to execute innovative master plans, space planning and design. An avid traveler and artist, when not in his studio Ong-Art can be found hopping among restaurants and cafes in cities all over the globe.



Languages Spoken

English and Thai

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  • +1 214 521 6753
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