Sarah Kinard


“Only those who attempt the absurd
will achieve the impossible.”

– M.C. Escher

Sarah believes excellence is the result of creating a habit of diligence and curiosity.  She is a strategic visionary who has built her career on shaping marketing strategy for architecture firms. During her time at SHW Group, Sarah built a Higher Education department and grew her team to 12 employees across the country. She ultimately became the first non-architect to be promoted to Associate, and the youngest Associate in the firm’s history. At Wilson Associates, Sarah focuses on actively promoting the firm in congruence with strategic business objectives, always thinking about how Wilson can better service its clients. Her acute attention to the next generation of design allows her to progressively market the firm with the goal to stay relevant and visible in the industry. Sarah’s success can be attributed to her valiant ability to create solutions to any situation that comes her way, in both her personal and professional life.



Languages Spoken

English and Spanish

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