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On-Site Representative (OSR)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Senior Designer, Design Director


Position Summary

On-site representative shall review and inspect the fit-out contractor's work for areas under the scope of works and for prototypical examples mock-ups, to ensure that both the design intent and the quality are achieved in accordance with the drawings and specifications issued.

– Five years experience, a minimum of 5 years working experience in UAE.

– Good written and spoken English, able to speak and write Mandarin and/or Arabic is a plus.

– On site, full-time Sunday to Thursday.

Background & Skills

Associate Degree or Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, Architecture or Construction field.
Previous experience as on-site representative for hospitality design projects.
AutoCad, Microsoft Office

Essential Functions

Review and respond in a timely manner, to all consultants’ “Design Queries”.

Review submittals including mock-ups and samples and facilitate approval with Design Director and team.  

Review quality of materials and workmanship in prototype/mock-up room.

Liaise with senior team members on any major design related matters – assess on a case-by-case basis those matters that can be dealt with on site and those that need to be referred back to the design team.

Provide support and notes for inclusion in local design team weekly progress report.

Carry out site inspections (random selection of rooms/areas) monitor and report on progress of work and quality of workmanship and materials.

During site inspections, take photos with a brief description of the area inspected. Photos to be uploaded to the design team on the day photos are taken.

Compile snagging/punch list for areas within scope of work and confirm that items are timely resolved in alignment with design intent.

Conduct a snagging/punch list on randomly selected rooms to ensure satisfactory application of the design intent in terms of quality and workmanship.

Provide supplementary design/detail information as required.

Assist the purchasing agent on FF&E matters.

Provide design resolution, reviewed by design team, for interior fit-out items where coordination is required between disciplines.

Participate in team meetings via conference call or mobile video software.

Keep a log of all incoming submittals, shop drawings and RFIs to be reviewed by design team.  

Manage any support staff added to the on-site office.

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