We design not for today, but for tomorrow
and all days thereafter.

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Gareth’s creativity is inspired from myriad sources, from his own artistic pursuits to the environment around him, as well as his deep interest in architectural history. He loves nothing more than to subtly hint at a classical form in a clean, contemporary and sophisticated manner. His core design philosophy revolves around integrity, elegance and an aspiration for timelessness. Outside of the office, Gareth is a keen sports enthusiast and audiophile, with his vast eclectic music collection always setting the mood and tone throughout the rooms of his house.

During his nearly 30-year career in the interior design industry, he has designed numerous award-winning projects around the world for a variety of international brands, including Langham Hotels, Waldorf-Astoria, Hyatt and St. Regis. Gareth’s dedication to his projects shines through in his portfolio, his humor and his positive personality, enabling him to cultivate honest and long-lasting relationships with clients and colleagues alike.