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Jennifer Smith

Global Marketing Director

Walk softly and carry a big stick.

Theodore Roosevelt
Jennifer will never forget the first time she experienced a hotel as a destination in itself; the concept of an interestingly designed hotel changed her approach to travel and has lured her to some of the most memorable places.

That understanding of a distinct brand identity and the marketing strategy behind it that attracts guests and builds brand loyalty is key to her role at Wilson Associates, overseeing the firm’s global brand marketing strategy and communications. Jennifer brings a breadth of marketing experience across a range of sectors, from technology to fashion, and consumer packaged goods to hospitality. During her 4 years in the luxury product division at L’Oreal, she gained an understanding of how critical brand development is to a successful business. That experience led her to the flagship YOTEL in New York City, where she helped develop the newly launched brand’s concept and marketing strategy, paving the way for its expansion into cities around the world. A member of the Manhattan Yacht Club, Jennifer can be found most weekends sailing on the Hudson River. She enjoys surrounding herself with artists and designers, noting that in the world of design creativity and innovation are unleashed every day to create amazing experiences for all of us.

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