People ignore design that ignores people.

— Frank Chimero

Combining strengths in architecture and interior design, with more than 15 years of international experience, Juan Carlos brings his rigorous work ethic and ardent creativity to his role as Design Director of Wilson Associates’ London studio. With an extensive portfolio in hospitality and residential interior design as project manager, construction manager, and most recently as design director of Rockwell Europe, he helped to create a number of high-end properties for some of the world’s most prestigious brands, including the recently completed W Suzhou in Suzhou, China, and the Gran Hotel Ingles in Madrid, Spain. Juan Carlos is always up for a challenge, whether as designer or mediator between hotel operator and ownership, when he is able to put into practice his indelible communication and relationship acumen. He is especially skilled at translating a brand’s essence and converting it into phenomenal design, focusing on transmitting a unique experience to every guest. Juan Carlos believes money is best spent on travel and gathering experiences that remain with you forever. He refuels with yoga, chocolate-covered strawberries, and tacos drenched in salsa verde.

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