A great space is designed to serve the people in it, creating an almost fourth dimension for the guest. I cannot create an emotional connection, but I can evoke it.


Leonard sees the world as an elaborate collage; a place where creativity strikes in many unexpected ways. His success stems not only from his passion but also from the inspiration he draws from the people, cultures and environments around him. Leonard believes in creating emotive experiential moments for guests as they journey through each space of the hotel whilst constantly challenging the status quo, pursuing the next innovative and industry-leading design concepts that will impact the hospitality design community. During his 19-year career with Wilson Associates, he has designed numerous award-winning projects around the world for a variety of international brands, including Ritz-Carlton, Conrad, Capella, JW Marriott, and Starwood. Leonard believes it’s the subtle and refined details that define a guest’s experience, and his portfolio reflects this dedication to his craft.

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