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Wilson Associates' holistic approach to interior architectural design is expressed through a range of services. We continuously focus on creating inspiring spaces across the globe, and each of our design studios offers a specialized interior design style as well as procurement and consultation services.


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Studios & Brands

Wilson Associates is a collection of studios providing interior design, architecture, art consultancy, concept and branding, and F&B design. For nearly 50 years, Wilson Associates’ designers have been innovating experiential design for luxury and boutique brands across the globe. Known for crafting iconic destinations, both intimate and expansive, Wilson’s talent is as unique and diverse as our portfolio.

Lasting impressions by design.

A team of iconic luxury designers, the Atelier offers haute couture design steeped in classic European style. Serving discerning clientele who value craftsmanship, detail, and a hands-on approach, the Atelier’s projects are truly bespoke luxury.

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Blueplate Studios is a Wilson Associates specialty food and beverage design studio that creates distinctive and exhilarating restaurant concepts worldwide. Through services such as market research, food and beverage concepts, front-of-house and back-of-house planning, menu engineering, branding, graphic design, uniform concepts and tabletop concepts, Blueplate offers clients tailored business solutions that ensure each culinary venue is the perfect blend of ambience and functionality.

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A full-service consultancy, Arté conceptualizes, curates, commissions, and specifies art globally to create unique, local, and authentic experiences. With access to artists, artisans, and galleries worldwide, Arté creates tailored artwork programs in response to a range of corporate needs, from branding and hospitality to investment and lifestyle.

Art curation to enhance the interior experience.